Selling vs information - Hjemmeside og virksomhed succes

Selling is not giving people information


Why a customer wants to give you money?

Stay on mission! Selling is something we are all gifted at and do naturally. Somehow though in the process of running a business online a disconnection happens. Perhaps, due to the fact that we have so many "page" options ...
Wordpress theme - tips of choosing right theme

Tips on choosing a WordPress theme

4 important tips on Wordpress themes

4 tips to help you decide the most effective Wordpress theme for your business. Particularly important tips to know if you are using Wordpress for the first time, things you probably don't think about until after you purchase ...
Marketing tips - er din hjemmeside responsiv?

Your customers are in 2015 is your website?


Website Checklist for success in 2015+

What worked on your website in the last decade may no longer be effective for your potential customers. Nobody likes change but if you don't move with your customers ... ou may end up closing your business that your ...
Sales pages included 4 customer types

Marketing Campaigns – Satisfy 4 colour types


Customers fit into 4 colour types

Consider all four personality types in your sales material. If you are creating your own advertising and sales campaign material you need to consider the many potential customers leaving because they are not included. If you are ...
Installation og hosting artikel

Website Installation and Hosting

Check the great price comes with expertise!

Getting work done for the best price is of course everyone’s goal but if you are moving host or having the new website installed, make sure the installer is competent. Get a screenshot of your new design as it should be ...
First impression appealing to buyer

Customer first impression counts


Does your website first impression connect with buyers?

Creating a more profitable first impression can most often be a very simple fix and open up the flow of customer orders. Fixes that a business owner cannot see because they are so close and involved in the product that ...
Give customers what they want, not what they expect

Don’t give people what they expect


Design to sell! Don't design to be clever.

Don't design your website based on what everyone else has done before otherwise you give customers what they expect... money comes from giving the customer what they want so step into their experience and think about what they want to feel ...
Forretning tips - Know your brand

Know your business brand

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Don't sell your soul, your business is unique.
Everyone is a unique brand, whether an individual or a business. A business is simply a wider expression of an individual. If you are a business owner then your richest path will be the one that stays with your unique brand. Unfortunately what tends to happen is that we allow ourselves to be distracted by ...