Selling a feeling comes first, then comes more information

Stay on mission

Although we’re all naturally skilled at selling, when in the process of designing and organising our business online, its digital format can cause a disconnection with that natural process. Perhaps, due to the fact that we have so many “page” options we love to fill them!

It’s easy to sense that, because we’re not as present as we would be if we owned a shop on the high street, we feel the need to keep talking online. We all too often share more and more (possibly irrelevant) information because we don’t have feed back the way we would if the person was in front of us. For example, why do we think that our C.V. is important… when was the last time you needed to read about the owner of a shop?

Make sure customers see these 3 things fast:-

1. This is what I have.

2. This is what it can do for you.

3. This is how you get it!

Important Questions

1. What is your product/service(s)?

What are the problems that your product or services solve? The answer should be an emotional experience not the item you think it is. For example, your product is not a television, your product is the feeling of the escapism and cosiness which you brought the television for. Ask the question, why would a customer want this… what feeling are they looking to get? What problem exists that they are looking to solve it? This is your mission. If you define the experience it helps you choose the right text and images to help sell!

Diet Get into my dream clothes, feel confident
Art Feeling uplifted when I am in my home/office
Car Freedom to go where I want when I want, save time
Website Sell my products and services
Dog training stopping my dog from biting people

2. Are you helping the customer to recognise that the product is perfect for them.. and how fast?

The best scenario is to imagine what we would do if we were running a business on the high street. Having one shop window would help us decide more effectively what causes “impact”.

As I write in 2015, the need for a customer to qualify themselves is even more critical within a few seconds; the same as owning a shop and only having a few seconds while the customer passes the window. Whenever we get a potential client for a website design and we feel they can’t take a decision, I just design a frontslider and sent it to them. They are instantly able to “feel” whether we are a good fit; not only from a visual standpoint but also the energy from the “care” that goes with it. Selling is all about feelings.

It’s never too late to change!

Just because your website may be well established, don’t let that distract you from taking a fresh look at your website. Sometimes it can be more effectively to let go of everything than to try and “renovate” a website to keep up with the changes. If you are relying heavily on Google advertising then yes, you don’t want to let go of old material but Google also penalises because sites do not keep up to date on so many other levels… #1 being a responsive site. Think about the market today:-

1. Is your website “responsive” – can it be accessed easily by all the new phone and ipad devices?

2. Imagine your front page on the high street – would you go in – do you know what is being sold- are you confident it is for you? Look at your first impression (which is what you can see straight away without scrolling any more).

Din forretnings mission

3. Is your site text heavy – people now think with their eyes. Could information be put into a picture and touch customers more effectively?