Upload Billeder i Korrekt Format

  • What Image Sizes Should I Upload?

    • Ideally, images should not be more than 100kb without losing quality. (With big sliders it is not always easy to keep it lower but reduce the size to a place where the quality is still good).
    • The pixel size should (where possible) be the size of the space it is fitting into. The image will be reduced down to fit ipads and mobiles but the largest size should not be bigger than it would be used. e.g. a slider may be 1920 x 700pxl in its largest useful size so you should not upload images such as 2500x2500pxl. If you upload them direct from your camera they will always be too large in both pxl size and “kb” size (often being at least 1mb)
      1mb (megabyte) = cc. 1,000kb (kilobytes). Ekstra Info om Billeder

      – Danish

    How do I replace the image of one already on the site?

    Hover over the image you want to replace and right click – scroll down to “View Image Info” and you will able to see the “pixelsize in either the “General” or “Media” tab. If you hover over the image and you cannot see the “View Image Info” option it usually means that you are clicking on the image overlay which often displays as a coloured circle – click on the circle which will open up the image in another window – then you can right click on the image and see the “View Image Info” option.

    After uploading, you can select different sizes of that image

    Once you click the image to add it into your page you have the option to use different size versions… some are simply a proportion reduction but you can also select cropping sizes – you will get a preview of what you will actually see of the image which is great when you have an image where you cannot crop certain items off the image.

    Media archive offers an option to add different image sizes

  • How Do I See the Image Size?

    If you save the image to your computer you can always see the pixel size and the “kb” size under “Size” and “Dimensions” as snapshot below. If you cannot see the dimensions column, right click on the top bar where the headings are (Name, Date Modified, Date, etc.) and then scroll down the list to “dimensions” and click on the box to select.

    Størrelse af billeder til upload

  • Always Name Your Images Correctly

    • Do not upload any images with the image from the camera, dropbox etc. where they will have names such as “1394230612xwke8.jpg” or “2017-06-15_11-06-10.jpg”. Name the images with appropriate names identifying what it is (hopefully including relevant keywords), e.g. sensitiv-test-loading-bar.jpg
    • No danish characters allowed, spell the word out fully, e.g. spørgsmål becomes spoergsmaal.
    • Put a dash as a seperator between words, e.g. uploading billeder becomes uploading-billeder.
    • Do not make the name too long and don’t use information like numbers that are not relevant, e.g. uploading-billeder-600x500pxl
    • Note on the image at the bottom of the page, there is consistency and connection between the Filnavn, the Titel and the Alt Text
  • Delete Images You Don’t Use in Your Media Archive

    WordPress is not like the old html websites where an image overwrites the name of the last one. In WordPress you cannot give an image the same name twice, therefore if you upload an image and then make a change and try to upload again it will upload the image name with “-2” added. It is important that you delete any images that you have not used.

    While I am in building a site, there are many images I use as mockup and have to leave there until the owner makes a final decision… however, before handover I go through and make sure any images not being used are deleted. Housekeeping is important!


    1. Many things that happen behind the scenes are read by Google which has an impact on how your website s ranked.
    2. It helps the efficiency of your website “engine” in the same way that you only keep on your desk things that help you move around and use your desk faster.

    How to delete, give title and alt text to images

  • Purchasing Images (Køb billeder)

    It is important that you don’t use images you don’t have the rights to. If you are looking for free images, you can start out by going to pixabay.com and unsplash.com. When it comes to purchasing images, we recommend 123rf.com for selection and cheap price. I also use peopleimages.com (cost more but the images are very beautiful and great when looking for something special (and you can buy a single image which is not always an option on other image sites).