Brand – Your business brand is unique, don’t sell your soul

— By Annemarie Doolin

Everyone is a unique brand, whether an individual or a business. A business is simply a wider expression of an individual.

If you are a business owner then your richest path will be the one that stays with your unique brand. Unfortunately what tends to happen is that we allow ourselves to be distracted by the market place or what is the latest thing because we are not getting the results we expected.

If you are not a multi-national corporate business owner then you will know how difficult it is to keep up with all the latest tools to the point that it consumes your time, energy and money and leaves little time left for what’s in your heart! Results though are hindered because we actually deviate, water down our product and let outside influences corrupt our authenticity, integrity and focus on the assignment God gave us.

The assignment is revealed by our passion and that is why what we are passionate about comes with endless bags of energy.

True to her brand, singer Sade

If you are a baby boomer you will probably be familiar with the singer Sade. What you may not know about Sade is that she stayed loyal to her brand, she has never deviated and to date has sold over 110 million albums; more than the majority of the artists that are ‘popular’ and who you would expect to be more successful!

Her concert tickets are richly priced and you have to be very quick to secure a ticket! Even though her concerts have become more creative as she uses the facilities of an exciting backscreen, her voice is still the product and she has stayed with her style.

In your busines always remember that because you have a specific assignment, you have people assigned to you… both business builders and customers. Those people will be the most lucrative people to attract because they are part of the original plan. You will observe that there will be flow, favour, ease and joy… when you deviate you start to experience difficulty, a stink and a loss of passion.

Check you are sticking to your brand

Sit down in a quiet place and recall what you were imagining and thinking about that caused you to start your business. It wasn’t easy, you were brave, you pushed through things you didn’t want to do… why??

  •     What is the thing that stirred you to get into business in the first place?
  •     Recall the passionate pictures in your mind of what you felt you could contribute;
  •     What is the thing you never stop talking about at dinner/family parties even if they don’t want to listen?
  •     What are you so excited and passionate about that you are angry enough to want to slap people for not ‘getting the value of this’?

Get back on the path to your richest and fulfillment and be clear about your assignment

Sade… still in demand, often for the same song, 30 years later… your product is special, unique and there is enough demand!!