Increasing the reach of your Facebook posts

Getting My Business Posts Seen on Facebook


Re-post your Facebook posts to make sure they are seen

As business owners, we are excited about our product, we know the value to the customer, however, the amount of information being received through emails and social media (especially Facebook) is enormous. When it comes to Facebook, unless someone is on Facebook today ...
Design your marketing for the customer

Website design: Don’t give people what they expect


Design to sell!

Don't design your website based on what everyone else has done before otherwise you give customers what they expect... money comes from giving the customer what they want.
Marketing tips - er din hjemmeside responsiv?

Your customers are in 2015 is your website?


Website Checklist for success in 2015+

What worked on your website in the last decade may no longer be effective for your potential customers. Nobody likes change but if you don't move with your customers you may end up closing your business that your heart burns for!
Sales pages included 4 customer types

Marketing Campaigns – Satisfy 4 colour types

Customers fit into 4 colour types
Consider all four personality types in your sales material. If you are creating your own advertising and sales campaign material you need to consider the many potential customers leaving because they are not included. If you are producing website content then your own tastes, styles, attitudes and values are limiting many people.

Portfolio Items

Video - Marketing med Social Medier