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Please only use this ticket submission for issues with an existing site – for clients only.
Tickets are VERY important to create and maintain for documentation, history and for timekeeping.

Please be VERY clear and remember to include the URL (path) to where the problem is, what is it that is happening or not happening and what you want to happen.
If possible add a screenshot of the error as well as describing the error. The clearer you are, the faster the problem can be solved.

You control the STATUS (Pending, Open or Closed) – To ensure your satisfaction only close a ticket when you agree that support fixed it completely. Your feedback is always welcome!

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Såfremt du har 2 forskellige spørgsmål skal du oprette 2 sager/tickets/spørgsmål.
Du vil få en e-mail når vi besvarer din henvendelse med link hertil. Du har mulighed for at tilføje flere oplysninger til din henvendelse via linket.

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We will only invoice you for tickets that is not related to existing sites or our previous work. Issues that are in the scope of the agreement and task.If you have full access to your site – You also have full responsibility. If you gave us the job we will do it like pro’s