Keeping customers aware of what they can buy!

When visitors come to the end of a blog post, make sure you remind them of your products and services… or a special promotion maybe they missed from your other promotional methods.

See examples below…

Adding a ‘Content Slider’ to Enfold theme

1.Go to your Avia Layout Builder elements just under the title of your page. Click on “Media Elements” tab. Find “Content Slider” and drag to the place you want it (ideally bottom of page).

Adding products / services

2.Click on the Content Slider and click on the first box which will be your first product.

  • Add a title (which will be shown above the image and can be linked as well as the image) TIP: Keep the title to 14 characters otherwise it will wrap around on two lines on smaller devices and can look messy unless every product’s title is the same length).
  • Link your title to the place you want customer to go… a page, product in shop, product category in shop… or you can add a “manual link” if outside your site (if outside click “open in new window” link so customer doesn’t close the browser and lose your website view).
  • Add an image (ideally use all the same size for all images on the slider – and select the size closest to the size that will be shown e.g. if your image is 700x700pxl (and you can’t reduce it down to 250pxl wide before you load it into media archive) it will reduce down automatically but it helps load time if when you are adding the image from the media archive you select the size closest to 250pxl wide. Link the image to where you want the customer to go.
  • Save your product

Add more products & set settings

Now you can go ahead and duplicate the process to add more products to your slider (the gallery above shows a snapshot of the slider included on this page so you can see the settings). You can also move your products around in the content slider by dragging them up or down.

Add your slider in smart places

Once you have finished and are happy with your slider, it is smart to save it to your “Templates” so you can add it to the bottom of any page/post or anywhere you might want it.

Saving the slider (or any element as a template)

  1. Click on the symbol to the furthest left of the element you want to use again (you can do this for any section where you see this symbol).
  2. Step 3 - Save content slider to your templates section

    A box will pop up and ask you what name you want to give it e.g. bottom content slider… then save it.

  3. If you want to copy it in any page/post, you open the page, click on “Templates” at the top just to the left of the blue  “Opdater” button and click on the item you want to copy in (in my case it is “bottom content slider”. Once you have clicked, the item it will automatically be added to the page as the last item on the page. Then you can simply drag it to where you want it (and of course add/delete/change items if you wish – this will not effect the original template version). If you do change the slider and want it as another version in your templates simple ‘save’ it as you did the first one but of course name it to help you remember what it was for.

Test slider and links before you save as template!

Ideas for sliders

1. Define a problem such as “Depression” and then add every link relative to that problem which calls a customer to buy… course, book, article, video etc. Think about “painful experiences” in a person’s life because they will qualify their self instantly without having to read on to decide “Is this something for me?”.

2. Keep framing your products/ services in different ways to be attractive to more customers. Look at your products and decide what “problem/feeling” they resolve then use the problem as the selling point. People approach solutions from different places whether that be age group, interests, words they might be looking for in their search. Using the example below on, all the products are included in two sliders but they are included as both a single product and in categories that may appeal to a customer quicker.

3. Change the images to attract different markets. Some people may not qualify themselves because of the images you use… for example a business person may not see themselves in your images. You could have the same slider on one page focusing all images to the “business world”, another slider using images to appeal to the “housewife”, another using images for “young trendies”!
(Free images: – Purchased images: great prices

Meditations Product Promotion Slider -

Always remember the “call to action” as the last thing on any page/post/video! In this new era, you cannot afford for the customer to think because they won’t – lead them by the hand, think for them!