Din Hjemmeside er Klar – Hvad der er den Næste Skridt?

Hjemmeside final check


Look over your site carefully, you don’t want to spend more money!

You have one opportunity now for us to make any changes to your site. Check all the links, are your headings exciting enough to call customers to action? Test any forms, newsletters etc… be in the mode of a customer and see that everything works for you.

We allow a reasonable time frame up to 8 days to give you time to relax and go through your site in plenty of time. Don’t be impatient to rush back changes, take the time you need.

Once the final changes are done your ‘hand-over’ login details will be sent to you.

Hjemmeside webmaster support


After this ‘revision’, we do not leave you!

We are still here to help and service you the best we can. Our practical experience of running a highly successful business online means we are in a strong position to help you secure your success online. We offer a variety of services that you can use or subscribe to. Feel free to contact us with any question big or small and we will give you our best practical advice for the success of your business.

The Best Way To Improve Your Site
As a client you can get support and better ranking by refer your friends just do four easy things

  1. Give us a “like” on facebook
  2. Write a ”Review” of at least one product you bought
  3. Recommend BizDoktoron linkenid og eller Facebook
  4. Add a link to https://bizdoktor.dk on your new site and tell all your friends to go see your new site!


Start working on your site; add more pages and blog posts

It’s a brand new world and it’s very exciting. Let the fun begin.

We are here to support you. We have created a “support” page where we will be adding anything that helps you such as “how to” videos – Check it out

If you need a new function, here’s a reminder of what your theme can do – Let’s us help you

When you need to add pictures to your shop or blog, make sure you read our Picture Guide

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