Reklame grafik til din hjemmeside

We can design advertising banners, sliders, product images for your website or for advertising such as Google/Facebook ads. Always keep in mind that what you think is important (as business owner) is not necessarily the same for the customer.

Thinking carefully about the text and perhaps the colours if they are close to other pictures is important; the smaller the picture the more you need to think, especially if (like Google/Facebook ads) you are paying per click! With so much information, images have to stand out or ‘pop’ so visitors notice what you want them to see.

If you are creating advertising banners to advertising in other locations such as Google AdSense or Facebook, the standard sizes that are used are listed below:-

If you are not familiar with pixel sizes then to help give you an idea, the banner picture to the right (which is viewed full size if you are viewing on a pc), is 665 pxl 390 pxl.

Grafisk design til din forretning

Standard advertising banner image sizes for Google

234 x 60 pxl
180 x 150 pxl
160 x 600 pxl
125 x 125 pxl
120 x 600 pxl
120 x 240 pxl
120 x 90 pxl
120 x 60 pxl
240 x 400 pxl

250 x 250 pxl
300 x 100 pxl
300 x 250 pxl
300 x 600 pxl
336 x 280 pxl
720 x 300 pxl
720 x 300 pxl
728 x 90 pxl