Ny wordpress hjemmeside

“I love it so much I could cry!”

The owner of KlinikSui.dk requested a brand new WordPress website and design. She did not have a vision in mind but talked me through the magic of her skincare / healing experiences she offered. She did submit a few example of traditional sites she thought would be appropriate but was willing to surrender and let me create a unique representation of what the product was asking me to do! Every business is completely unique and I always encourage business owners to stay away from what other people do… instead share what’s in their heart so I can find out the real mission of the products/services.

The owner was “extremely happy“… she said that “she could cry… and that I captured exactly what her heart was looking for… and staying away from what it is traditionally expected had ‘expanded her options and inspired and excited her” in the future of her business.

New responsive WordPress website (multi-language option with Danish and English)… including plan to add a WooCommerce webshop a little later.

Ny Hjemmeside (Front view)

Klinik Sui - Forside vis

Website Screenshots before text translation

The website is a ‘boxed’ design with a fixed background… this means the background as it is in the picture above is fixed as you scroll down.

Klinik Sui kosmetolog, hudpleje - hjemmeside sider

Re-branding Change

Klinik Sui wanted to refocus the business inline with an exciting line of products. This included a colour theme brand and a more modern look. Sliders needed changing to reflect the colour theme and include the new products.

Hjemmeside re-brand