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Your customer must feel excited and confident your product can help them

Jetter has a fantastic product and needed some help to present the product. I encouraged her to keep talking until the nature of the product more clearly defined itself in terms of how it changes a person’s life and who the market might be; what kinds of people would want to buy this and why?

  1. We encouraged her to break down the sales process to include more people by categorising the product to focus on problem situations people might need one of her “Life Boosts” for. It was easier for a customer to identify with a specific problem because it touched an emotion and enabled the customer to see the value of the product more easily.
  2. We also encouraged her to use this opportunity as a landing page for her essential oils to promote her other services and turn into into a “mini-website” to promote other services she provides.

The mission for the projekt was to:-

  • present her product attractively
  • as no shop was installed yet, provide information so people had everything they need to buy

Creating an opportunity to buy products on site

  • include a couple of pages about her other services which she could add to later.

Kampagne Side

Note: Image is snapshot, brand name not fully consistent on page yet… not fully translated.


Salgs side, promotion side for KrystallerogOlier.dk

Wordpress Kampagne Side

Kampagne side snapshot

Ekstra Sider

We added new pages to use this opportunity to promote the other products and services that Jetter provides.


Snapshot fra Krystaller og Olier hjemmeside