Nyt wordpress hjemmeside design til kunstneren

Lina Murel Jardorf had installed a standard wordpress theme but needed to improve her traffic and Google search potential. To that end, we:-

  • worked on improving the focus, simplicity and attractiveness of the site by enabling customer to see as much of Lina’s work quickly and efficiently;
  • organised the site to display attractively on mobiles and ipads;
  • cleaned up the database and optimised each page to make “Google happy”;
  • designed and installed newsletter popup optin forms.

Linaart.dk – Hjemmeside Før

Wordpress hjemmeside, Linaart.dk før bizdoktor re-design

LinaArt.dk – Hjemmeside Efter

Avada Wordpress hjemmeside, Linaart.dk efter bizdoktor re-design
Linaart.dk Avada wordpress hjemmeside - seo optimering og re-design på Bizdoktor

Ekstras – Nyhedsbrev optin former designet og installeret

Nyhesbrev kampagne optin forms