Sådan samarbejder vi om din nye hjemmeside i wordpress.

How we work with you to build your website.

Hjemmeside - Kunde test

Hjemmeside “Ready for Business” Online – The Process

  1. Get clear about your vision – need help?
  2. Using a designer –  check out tips
  3. Ready to build – Choose a domain name
  4. Buy your website/webshop
  5. Send your plan and all material
  6. Check over your site – feedback any changes
  7. Handover login details to you
Hjemmeside - Planen


Get clear about your vision

Taking your website out of confusion and into results

The way people are responding to your website online is changing fast, speed is important. With regard to design and layout you need to be more aware of your headings, use images wisely and pay attention to your ‘call to action’ points. If you are starting from new or re-working a current website, think about these things before any work commences. Annemarie will help you improve your site’s impact in this regard as she goes through a plan/site with the eyes of a “customer”.

  • What is the exciting, life altering experience people need that your business can give them (i.e. defining your products/services)?
  • How do you use images and text to get visitors to:
    • identify that they qualify
    • be confident they can get a result
    • know precisely what action to take to buy?
  • How to arrange information in terms of what is most important to the customer.


Hjemmeside final check


If you have employed a designer –  check out our tips

Most designers who design for “paper” products are not aware how designs do not easily translate to digital; how each section changes its behaviour depending on whether it is being viewed on a pc, ipad or one of the many mobile devices.  If using a designer who has not designed for a “responsive” website, we encourage you to send them to Enfold’s demo site; if the designer shrinks the browsers down to the widths of both ipads and mobile phones, they will see how images and sections behave. It helps them understand that small images will become stretched if not planned properly in the design.

It would help us to get the original pictures and psd files from the start. If you have employed a ‘designer’ who has incorporated special features, buttons, fonts etc. which are not available in the standard Enfold theme we will come back to you to confirm whether we can install them and the cost.

If the font you want to use is not listed at GoogleFonts, it means the font will have to be sourced to its original designer, purchased and installed. Not only will it cost you in our time but it may be a font that will require a monthly fee for the duration of your website’s life!

Images: You must have all rights to the images you use. If you want to purchase images yourself you can source free images at Pixabay.com and Unsplash.com. For purchased images we recommend 123rf.com and Peopleimages.com (though this site has images that cost more the quality is very good and they often have special discount packages which are worth checking out on their pricing page).

Logo Design: We don’t do logo design. Only a basic one with your business og site name. But here you can buy some really nice logos.
If you want some business loges that is customized check out fiver

Registrer og køb domæner


Ready to build?  Choose a domain name

Find et godt domain navn

Egen host og domain

Spar 66% (Adgang)

Make sure you send us every access we need – username and passwords. We need admin level access to every aspect of your site except emails.


Buy your website / webshop

Pre hjemmeside - send information


Send your plan and all material

We will not commence until we have all your text, payment, images etc. and a plan of how you want the information laid out.  If you already have a site then of course you can give us links and reference to what you want to keep, copy etc. If you have a used a designer who has produced images, we need the original psd files.

1. Upload all your information to Dropbox, Google Drive or pCloud so you we can get access – and share the folder with us.

Egen host og domain

2. Send us the user name and password for your hosting account (access to control panel and FTP) and we will start the “Building Process”.

Spar 66% (Adgang)

N.B. We are happy to help you with any of these steps if not all but you have to realise that there will be a fee for our time.

Husk at installerer DropBox programmet på din computer


Check over your site – feedback any changes

Once we have built your website we will set up a time for us to present it to you through ONLINE MØDER (we give you access to see the site on our development server). Then we will give you access to go through the site making a note of any changes… and you need to be clear about those changes. You then have ONE OPPORTUNITY to submit all the changes to us, we do not want a drip of emails with every change. (We do however reserve the right to refuse a huge list of changes should you come back with a re-work of almost everything we have built… because you’ve suddenly seen another great site for example!)

We allow a space of 8 days to give you time to relax and look over the site. Don’t be in a rush to send changes back to us until you have taken the time you need to go through your site.

If you suddenly get flooded with new ideas and inspiration, this is normal when you see all the new opportunities a modern site opens up to you. Please ask us for an invitation to a customized project-tool where you can create wish lists and additions to your new site. (Not support tickets or revisions (Rev. 1)) we can then work on your ideas together.

Hjemmeside webmaster support


Congratulations you are open for floods of business!

Once the final changes are done your ‘hand-over’ login details will be sent to you. Blessings have already been ordered for your success!

Our support does not stop at the handover

We are always here to help you if you need to add further functions to your site. Maybe you just need some I.T. help, got stuck somewhere, looking for inspirational ideas ways to attract customers, advertise etc. We have a wealth of experience. Just give us a call and tell us what you want help with. We are also building up our videos on how to make changes to your site and tips and functions you can add to improve promotion of your products and services.