Quick Cure: Hvorfor køber mine kunder ikke?

Undskyld … oversættelse kommer, jeg er ude med lægeholdet…

There is so much you can do already without having to start worrying about how do find more visitors to your site. Start with going through this checklist to check places you may be losing potential customers. The focus of BizDoktor is to optimise what you have with as few moves as possible! Work with what you have first!

1. Are you clear about what your product is?

This might sound like a stupid question but it can be the source of why everything you are doing is not as effective as it could be. If I asked you what your business is you may say it’s “art, meditation, books, stationery”. It is not! What you have just described is your process and the part your customers are the least interested in.

Visitors are not looking for a book, they are looking for a solution to a problem which sends them looking for a book. This article will provoke the questions to help you define your product.

2. Have you tested your website?

Have you sat beside someone and watched them surf around for something they are looking for and watched them go through the payment process? This is one of the most effective things you can do. You must not help them, however as you see them struggle, hesitate or hear them talking to themselves, simply ask “What are you thinking about right now?” Make a note of what they say but don’t help them you need to see how they figure it out (and see if they just give up and then see what they do). You need to know what is holding them up or what is not clear. That time they are using to think or figure out where to go must be cut out!

3. Heading Logo

Does the top line of your website tell people what you do for them? Look at these examples:-

  • Look great, feel great med intelligent ernæring
  • Access your genius through meditation
  • Recover your joy through healing

Tell people what they will get first (the benefit)  and then tell them how they will get it (the process). Ideally, the heading is in the top left hand corner of the page this is why this is good to consider these things when you are first building the site rather than trying to fit it in once you have designed the structure.

4. Are you a good shop assistant?

Are you helping people identify themselves as someone who needs your product and helping them go directly to the solution? Every website needs to operate like a shop on the high street so it pays to plan everything with a customer in mind. On the internet, speed is everything because they can click to another site in seconds, whereas on the high street they will have to walk somewhere costing more energy so they are motivated to stay longer and find what they want.

Forretningsudvikling fra Biz Doktor - Jette Holm DK

Take a look at your site whilst picturing it on the high street. Pay particular attention to only those things about what we call the ‘fold’. The fold is where the webpage meets the bottom of the computer screen. The information below the fold cannot be seen by a visitor and so it cannot inform them. It is better to keep the most important selling benefits above the fold and not have the visitor scroll down to find it. Focus on what the visitor can see, is it enough?

Case Study – Jette

People land on Jette’s website BECAUSE they are interested in healing. The next question needs to be how do you tell them quickly how you can help and what they click for a solution. As I said before, visualise your webpage as a shop on the high street. With an online webpage, potential customers do not have the luxury of looking through the window. Stop and think, what might they be looking for first? You know what is inside but they have no idea and you don’t want them surfing around for minutes trying to figure out where to go or whether you can even solve their problem.

Look at the before and after to see how visitors are quickly guided to identify their problem and how they are guided straight to the solution they want with a link.

Before – Shop Front


After – Shop Front


The focus of this project was to be able to improve the conversion from visitor to customer without having to spend money or new design or employing extra technical services.

If you look at the after changes you can see how the list on the frontpage helps a visitor recognise the problem they are here to solve very quickly and takes them directly to the particular session they need which tells them quickly what to expect, cost and how to order.

If you look at the page before you can see that though the visitor is looking for healing they will have to surf around to find out how they can solve it. You cannot afford to have this happen!

Of course it is great to have other exciting information which is relevant but make sure you satisfy the customers needs within the first 5-10 seconds. If they see you can serve them, they may even continue to surf around and look at other things but they will still come back to the frontpage (particularly women). Each sex behaves the same as they do shopping on the high street!

5. Can people see who you are?

Do not hide behind contact forms. If you are not proud and open about who you are, you are unattractive to the customer. Don’t be nervous about displaying all your contact details, chances are they will never call you anyway, however it instills trust and confidence. As a business owner your emotions are mirrored into your business; if you are fearful, nervous and insecure your visitors will pick up that energy unconsciously.

6. Does your site receive payments?

  • Are you displaying a secure sign about which credit cards are acceptable and confirming your site is safe?
  • Is your payment process easy to use – have you watched someone using it (your test doesn’t count, you know where everything is)!
  • Make sure that once a person starts the ordering process they are not distracted by anything otherwise you will lose the sale.

7. Are you staying in contact with visitors?

Do you have list which your visitors and customers can subscribe to so you can keep them up-todate with news? Your ‘list’ is the biggest asset in your business and every business should be encouraging people to subscribe. Your list can easily be managed by an auto-responder (nyhedsbrev tilmelding) which can keep your list of contacts as well as send out news broadcasts and standard follow up mails to stay in touch. Advertising is expensive so having a means of sending promotional mail out to your list is incredibly valuable!