How to make sure your Facebook posts are seen

Re-post your business posts regularly

As business owners, we are excited about our product, we know the value to the customer, however, the amount of information being received through emails and social media (especially Facebook) is enormous.

When it comes to Facebook, unless someone is on Facebook today and has actually got as far as your post, they will not see it EVER AGAIN!

If you go on Facebook today and keep scrolling, it is likely that by the time you get tired of scrolling (or have used your surfing time), you’ll never reach the end of today’s posts.

Consider that if you haven’t even surfed all today’s posts then you will not see anything prior unless it is re-posted again.

Re-post regularly and change the pictures and titles

Increasing the reach of your Facebook posts

Getting the best out of a Facebook post requires you to re-post the item more regularly… and consider re-presenting the same topic with a new image and title so your product is presented in as many ways as the market you are aiming for. (Se video right.)

Keep in mind there are 4 types of customer regardless of whether the market target is the same.

Video on how to re-present Facebook posts
(Fast forward to 15:53 mins)

Increase reach with Facebook posts