What we need from you

1. A description of what you want, or:

  • If you have seen something you like already online, send us the direct link for reference. Obviously it is not appropriate to copy many things but note what you like about it; the style, fonts etc. and any change in colour, pictures etc.
  • If you are open to us creating something give me links to the websites/pages you have rights to and any information or text that must be included and I will produce a design in alignment with your branding.

2. Send us any original pictures you want to be used. It is important to note that you must have rights to the pictures, you cannot download them from the internet.

Where can I buy images if I need them?

We usually buy our stock images from iStockPhoto.com and PeopleImages.com where they work out at about $2/3 for the small images:

  • If you want one or two images and we have credits, we can buy them for you and bill you for them or..
  • You can easily open an account and buy either single images or benefit from discounts by buying packages at both Istockphoto and Peopleimages.

Important: It is important to make sure you have the right licence to use the images. The Standard Licence is great if you wish to use the image for anything which you are not going to then sell on to other people such as creating website templates and selling them. Standard licence images are sufficient for all regular promotional material like setting up your own business website, blog, newsletters, business cards, advertising banners etc. A standard licence can only be used for your own business materials however you can use it in all aspects of your business over and over.