Installation and Hosting of Your Website Correctly

Building a website does not include installation and hosting unless specified

  1. Hosting is simply renting space on a database (if you don’t own your own database) where your site lives and is maintained by the host company; just like renting an apartment.
  2. Installation refers to the service of someone who takes all the website data and sets it up correctly on the space you rent from the host.

Check the great price comes with expertise!

Getting work done for the best price is of course everyone’s goal but if you are moving host or having the new website installed, make sure the installer is competent and will ensure your site looks exactly the same as the build you signed off on.

Below is a live screenshot of the same website when installed correctly… and not installed correctly.

After every website we build we take full pc wide live screenshots of the finished site hosted correctly

So if the client decides to host and install it through another service provider and they do not install correctly, the client can provide evidence that the installation service has not been fulfilled and must be corrected.

Your website is essential to your income and customers are neither loyal or patient to any faults, if the site looks like it’s under construction or something’s wrong, they are not going to trust you with their credit card details!

Clues as to installation problems will be highlighted by fonts changing size, colour and type or changing from full-width to boxed style, menu changing etc.

Make sure whomever installs your site on your host ensures it looks like the site you had designed and built!

Installation and hosting of website correctly