Grafisk Design – Instructions

1. Choose an option:

1. Supply a mockup/image of what you want us to copy (with any changes you want)… and the original pictures.

2. Original pictures and text with a description of how you want it to look (if you can supply the .psd files even better)

3. Original pictures and text and we will create a design to match your brand

4. Tell us want you want to promote the most and we will create a design

2. What size pixels does the picture need to be (if not Facebook/Googleplus/YouTube)?

If you are not sure you can give us the link and tell us where the picture is going and we will work out the size.

3. Your site address?

Supply us with your business/facebook/googleplus/youtube link so we can make sure what we create is in keeping with your brand (if you have not chosen a precise design yourself).

Buying images

Correct Licence: If you are buying images, it is important to make sure you have the right licence to use the images. The Standard Licence is great if you wish to use the image for anything which you are not going to then sell on to other people such as creating website templates and selling them. Standard licence images are sufficient for all regular promotional material like setting up your own business website, blog, newsletters, business cards, advertising banners etc. A standard licence can only be used for your own business materials however you can use it in all aspects of your business over and over.

Where to buy/source images: We recommend (free) and and (where you can buy single images and it is very user friendly!)

[  *** Once we submit our design to you you will have ONE chance to change anything otherwise you will have to pay for extra work.]


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