Does the first impression connect with who is buying?

Creating a more profitable first impression on your website can most often be a very simple fix and open up the flow of customer orders. Fixes that a business owner cannot often see because they are so close and involved in the product that they don’t think about it as a customer. Imagine that your potential customer will probably clicking on many sites. Why don’t you do a search using the words they might be searching for and see what they are experiencing. Where might your “first impression” be more attractive? Which ones did you bounce off and why?

Here is a wonderful example.

Always think about who your buyer is and what is the problem they want to solve…


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First impression too metal and clinical

The owners have a background working with quality steel and so everything is focused on “steel”. That is an important factor in the promoting of the product but it is not where the customer is in their mind. They are essentially restaurant or catering businesses and the source of their income is “selling food” or being “passionate about food”. They will want quality but that is not the thing that will get them excited from the onset. Without realising it, when they land on the website, they will “feel” something and it needs to be more exciting/attractive.


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First impression appealing to buyer

We changed the first impression to a less “metal” feel and incorporated “food and happy staff and customers”. By adding a variety of equipment in the image we communicated that we sell big and small equipment, whilst relating the purchase of the equipment to the “happy staff” and “happy customers” (which is where the money and cost to the business is – if kitchen staff are unhappy then the business suffers!). We also added the three boxes so customers could quickly see the benefits of buying here, e.g. cheapest price with guarantee is a big advantage.


It required a front slider and three images which focused on the main selling points from a customer’s point of view. Also a background style change to bring focus. In view of how many customer might be bouncing off, it is a small cost! Don’t give people what they expect, think about what they want to experience.